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Feng Shui Articles by Dr. Guy Ferru


Failure And Success In Feng Shui

For thousands of years the Chinese people have mastered the art and science of Feng Shui. In the universe, everything is vibration and different vibrations can be in harmony or in chaos. The goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to balance the vital energy in the body on three levels-- physically, mentally and spiritually--and to create a harmony of energy in each body (because the three levels are related and an action on one creates a reaction in the others.) Feng Shui is a part of Chinese medicine and works with the same energy, in Chinese called chi.

Our physical health, happiness and success are related to food, breathing, exercises and environment. Feng Shui deals with environment (the energy chi which flows around us in our home or office.)

A friend of mine asked me one day to help one of her friends who was opening an art shop in a very good neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. To please my friend, I accepted the assignment and went to see the shop. Just before turning the corner onto the street where the shop was located, I noticed a seafood restaurant indicated by a huge vertical fish, a sculpture in copper that was more than 60 feet high! What an auspicious indication for luck and wealth for the neighborhood.

I turned the corner and immediately the street began to slope down, that is not good for energy. I was concerned by what I saw: the shop was constructed of wood, dark green in color, under the shadow of a very large tree. An electric pole was just in front of the main door. Across the street, the corner of a brick building sent a poison arrow (aggressive vibration) right towards the front door of the shop. The backyard had garbage scattered all over, littering the already unkempt landscape around the parking lot. A small metallic shed was crumbling down.

Inside, the shop needed a lot of renovation. The door of the restroom did not close and stopped short about one foot above the floor. The main door and the back door were in a direct line with nothing between to slow down the flow of energy.

I asked the help of a dear friend (a feng shui practitioner also) whose opinion I trusted. Together we went to see the person who owned the shop and we learned the building's history: the last tenant went bankrupt and the person before him did not do well either. But our biggest concern was the mental attitude of the new tenant, who throughout our meeting repeated the same sentence: "I know my shop will not generate any money before two years."

It was a desperate case but because it was a friend of a friend, we decided to pursue this project nonetheless.

After tile renovations were completed, we held a cleansing ceremony. Seven days later on a propitious date for opening we performed a ceremony of offering to attract business and money.

  • The door of the restroom now was closing well, without space under the door.
  • A large plant in the corridor slowed down the flow of energy between the two doors.
  • A large beautiful fountain on the right hand side of the door as you approached the shop, was absorbing the aggressive energy from the corners of the brick building across the street.
  • A bagua mirror above the entrance was reflecting the electric pole.
  • A large chime was hung on the left side of the door facing out from the shop to disseminate the message and attract clients.

One month later we went to see the shop again and the person in charge. When the owner spoke to us, she repeated again the same sentence: "The shop will not generate money before two years and I do not have enough money to keep the shop open for more than five months."

Again we explained to her the POWER OF THE WORDS. We asked her to change her negative mental attitude but to no avail. Six months later the shop was closed. With a hostile environment and a negative mental attitude the failure was inevitable.

In feng shui intention is as powerful as correct placement.


One day a former teacher had a simple idea to create an educationally-oriented magazine for children (and tourists) about the state of Georgia. She studied the market; and it looked promising. She hoped to obtain help and a grant from towns and schools. She was enthusiastic with a strong trust in success. With her own money she took the chance of publishing her first issue. She was working well in the basement of her house. After two years it was then time to have a bigger office with a secretary and a designer.

She was looking for an office space and asked me for help from a feng shui point of view. For the first office that she found, I discovered that the Feng Shui adjustment was too difficult to realize.

The second office had a good orientation. The restroom was in a good position and the manager's office was in the location with the most energy.

The office was East group, Trigram K'an, element water.

The manager was West group, Trigram Ken, element earth.

The secretary was East group, Trigram K'an, element water.

The designer was East group, Trigram Chen, element wood.

We protected the manager (earth element) with a fire element (a candelabra in the office) to balance the energy wood from the designer because wood will deplete earth). The desk of the secretary was well oriented facing the strongest zone of energy (manager's office). A chime was hung on the left side of the door as you faced out from it, to disseminate the message and attract business.

According to the Chinese calendar I decided the day and hour for the ceremony of opening and blessing. Though it is very often embarrassing to do a ceremony with fire in front of the door of an office building, no complaints came from the neighbors, sheriff, nor did a fire truck show up.

Two weeks later she called me to tell me how pleasant the ambiance in the office was, and that there was an air of joviality despite the intense workload.

The next week she announced an unexpected grant of $15,000.

Since, the magazine is doing very well.

A successful feng shui adjustment.

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Imbalance in Residential Feng Shui

When I was attending a Chinese university to study traditional Chinese medicine 23 years ago, Feng Shui was part of the study program. We needed to study Feng Shui as diligently as other subjects.

Chinese medicine is a true holistic medicine based on prevention. The goal is to maintain a high level of health spiritually, mentally and physically. These three levels of vibration are inter-related which means they cannot be dissociated or treated separately and one action, one level will have a reaction on another level.

  1. For spiritual health one can use meditation, prayer or contact with a superior level of consciousness.
  2. For mental health one can use the right way of thinking, and activation of the memory by study or mental exercises.
  3. For physical health one can use
  • right food
  • right exercises
  • right breathing
  • right environment

Feng Shui works on all of these three levels but the easiest to understand and control is the physical level of vibration, which of course will affect the two other levels, mental and spiritual.

The comment most often made by the occupant of a dwelling after a Feng Shui adjustment is "We are happier, life is easier, it is magic and I do not understand but it is amazing how different I feel."

For thousands of years the Chinese people have mastered the art of vibration. The word for vital vibration or vital forces is chi. The ultimate goal is to have spiritual, mental and physical balance of energy as indicated by the symbol of yin/yang.

Some years ago one of my patients complained of a severe headache at night which quickly vanished after leaving her bed. After administering a full check-up I was not able to find the cause of the headache. Certainly, it is possible with acupuncture to treat a symptom but the goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to find the cause, treat it and clear the symptom.

Physically, the patient was in good health: she was a vegetarian with a well balanced diet including supplements, vitamins and mineral salts. She exercised one hour every other day (aerobic and stretching).

Mentally, she was happy, she had a creative job, with a minimum of stress and a comfortable family life.

Spiritually she practiced meditation every morning and belonged to a group of friends with a high level of spirituality.

I found nothing wrong on this third level thus I needed to check her environment: Feng Shui. I took an afternoon and went to check her home for feng shui problems or other environmental stresses.

She was working at home in a nice room in a good feng shui situation and the five elements were present and balanced in the room.

  • Fire element: large fireplace
  • Health element: the floor was in clay
  • Metal element: long black metallic candelabra
  • Water element: a fountain in the money comer of the room, and
  • Wood element: a beautiful tree, healthy green plants.

Now I needed to see her bedroom. The room was large, clear, well ventilated and the bed was in a good feng shui position. The bathroom door was always closed. No telephone nor electrical outlet was near the bed.

And here on the bed table was the problem: a heavy metallic sculpture of Don Quixote with a long metallic spear directed at the head of the bed just on the place where the patient slept. The sculpture was the base of the lamp used by my patient every night.

My patient was born in 1955; Chien sign; metal element.

For me the presence of this big metallic mass especially during the night (when we are the most sensitive) was the cause of the headache. The distance between the metallic mass and the place where she slept was less than three feet. This is a typical case of element imbalance with too much metal.

My first idea was to find a balance with a water element or earth element to cancel the overly strong vibration of the metal element. But the volume of the metal was too big to be balanced harmoniously.

I asked my patient to move the sculpture to another room. The answer was "NO! I paid $7,000 for this beautiful sculpture and I will not remove the piece of art from my bedroom."

By her intense reaction I knew that I had touched the problem; it was a classic addiction to the cause of the illness. The drug addict has the same reaction of dependence to the source of the problem. In this case I never try to argue with a client and I left her home with the hope that she would realize the potential benefits later.

One week later my patient called me in my office, she apologized for her reaction and told me that one day after my visit she removed the metal object to another room and since she has been free of the headache.

An imbalance of elements in a room or house not corrected by a feng shui practitioner can have a pathological effect on the occupants of the building.

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Feng-Shui and Horses

Feng shui and horses? I've never heard of it! I can't even imagine a horse Horsesdeciding to have his bed or his kitchen in a power position!


FENG SHUI is the five thousand-year-old Chinese art of placement. OK? But it is also a science of energy control in the environment. FENG SHUI means balance between Water and Wind vibrations (Yin-Yang balance).

We are part of nature as we belong to the earth and to the universe and everyone on earth reacts to the law of vibrations: humans, animals, plants and minerals. Indeed, in a different manner but all of us are vibrations, a combination of different elements vibrating in harmony (if we are in good health).

FENG SHUI contains the rules to harmonize our environment and by this way harmonizes our own vibrations. What are horses? They are a part of nature realm and they too react to the same rules as we do. If their environment is in harmony, they will be healthy, happy and with high performances.

In ancient China, horses were very important not only to carry people but also as a sign of wealth and a decisive component in the world of warriors. The same FENG SHUI rules were used for horse stables as they were for human houses and imperial palaces.

Before describing the application of FENG SHUI for horses, let me tell you my personal experience with horses.

In my study of life and quest for happiness around the world, I lived for several years in the South of France, in a beautiful property with a view on the Mediterranean Sea and I had two horses (from
Camargue). The land was large and one part was their own.

The stable, with double stalls was quite old but looking nice. Several weeks after I bought the two horses LISTEL and LAILA, I noticed that something was wrong: they did not seem happy.

They were in good health but not drinking and eating normally; they were often reluctant to go to their stable. Concerned with their well-being and as a FENG-SHUI practitioner, I decided to use my art and I looked at their stable with a FENG SHUI eye:

  • The door in the middle of the North wall was facing a large opening in the middle of the South wall, which created a permanent draft and a loss of energy (chi).
  • The drinking place was under the opening in the middle of the South wall. As a result, it was a conflict of vibration between the fire vibration of South and the water vibration (water destroys fire).

Another problem more subtle but still disturbing was also present. A deep feeling of sadness hit me (the first time I entered the stable) followed by a feeling of discomfort. I gathered some information from the former owner of the property and I learned that a sick horse had died some years ago in this very stable.

I then decided to practice a space cleaning ritual to change the morbid vibrations of the stable.

According to the Chinese calendar, I chose an auspicious date to perform the modifications :

  1. I obstructed the window on the South wall.
  2. I opened two small windows on the East and West walls.
  3. I moved the place of the water and fixed two water basins on each side of the door, on the North Wall (water element).
  4. I practiced the ceremony of space cleaning.

The day after the modification their attitude changed dramatically. They were happier with faster reactions. Their appetite was normal. The most amazing change was on the level of their performance. They were quicker, jumping higher and with more ease.

About FENG SHUI and Horses

When creating an optimum and harmonious environment, there are several FENG-SHUI principles to be aware of.

  • The first element to deal with is the correct flow of energy in the stable.
  • The doors and windows must be placed in the right position and the right orientation to keep the maximum of chi in the stable.
  • The water basin cannot be in a South, S.W. or W. corner (conflict of elements: "Water destroys Fire").
  • Because horses are very sensitive to the sounds, smells and colors around them, it is possible to increase their performance or to calm them by the use of simple essential oils and colors. For example, using the scent of lavender and the color green or blue will have a calming effect. Scent of clove along with the use of red color will increase the energy of a
    high performance horse.

My personal love for horses has allowed me to realize that they and the animal realm are often more sensitive to the vibrations of the environment than human beings.

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Violence in Our Schools and Feng Shui

Every day, we see a dramatic increase in violence, especially in schools. It is a "hot" subject, many reports are offered by experts and yet they have little solutions upon atmosphere at school.

Most studies focus on the symptoms (incidents at school) while only a few examine the source of these tragedies. Rooting out the source is the only way to cure violence at school. We need to understand "WHY?" Why kids so violent? What is influencing them to develop violent personalities or act out? The personality is comprised of three component; which are rarely equal (one can be more important than another).

  1. Heredity: is what we inherit from our ancestors and is coded in our genes. Hopefully, it is not the most prominent factor in our personality because we cannot change it.
  2. Education: our teachers and educators do their best to provide a good and positive education to our children.
  3. Environment: has usually the strongest influence on our personality. And most importantly, we are fortunate in that, it is also the part that we can change NOW. Our environment is composed of different shapes, colors, and sounds, each creating a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE pattern of vibrations. These vibrations will change our personality for the good or the bad!

For example:

  • Negative vibrations from violent movies or entertainments, discordant music, disharmony in the color or the shape of a room or a building, can create a violent personality.
  • Positive vibrations from beautiful music, non-aggressive architecture or pleasant natural surrounding, will foster a non violent, well balanced, and happy personality. THE SOLUTIONS TO STOP SCHOOL VIOLENCE MUST BE EFFECTIVE AND FAST ACTING!

The ancient Chinese Art and Science of Feng Shui provides us an immediate solution "NOW." For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui practitioners have noticed that the vibrations emitted by shapes, colors, and sounds can affect both personality and behavior.

Examples are many:

  • sharp corners, irregular proportions (in a class room) or disharmonious sculptures disturb concentration and increase aggression.
  • round forms or symmetrical proportions will increase harmony and enhance focus and power of concentration.
  • the color red will increase aggression.
  • while the colors blue or green will enhance harmony and aptitude for learning.

It is important to understand the harmonics of color combinations:

  • red is in harmony with yellow, green, tan and beige.
  • tan and yellow are in harmony with red and white.
  • white is in harmony with tan and blue. blue is in harmony with white, black and green.
  • green is in harmony with blue, black and red. Sounds too, have a very strong impact on the personality:
  • The discordant beat of Rap music, by the disharmony of the sound and the content of its message, influences children to feel more aggression causing some to have the urge to act out in violence.
  • Harmonious music such as sound of Mozart, will have the opposite effect.

Numerous studies have documented that Mozart in the background in a classroom, soothes the mind, increases the power of concentration and decreases violence.

This is why the Georgia's Governor decreed to give all newborn a CD of such music. For this same reason, played on campuses, Mozart music enhances harmony and friendship.

The first step in this direction was made by the State of Florida where by law, Mozart music is played for half one hour each day in preschool. We must do everything in our power to eliminate violence in our school today. We should employ all methods with our reach including Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui and Nutrition or The Right Way of Living.

"What do nutrition and Feng Shui have in common?

Please, let me finish my hamburger and French fries! I have no time to waste, my next appointment for a Feng Shui adjustment is just after my lunch. I am already stressed, I do not want to think about my food!", my friend was adamant.

"Wrong!", I replied calmly.

"Why wrong?", he said quite surprised.

"Because", I retorted "you follow the wrong way of life".

"Wrong way of life? Nowadays everyone is under stress and rushing after money", he was now intrigued.

"This is your perception".

My friend was silent, eyes wide open.

"Never forget that perception is projection. Only because you are stressed do you perceive that others are too. Actually, your stress comes from your unhealthy way of life", I started to explain.

"OK, I am listening, tell me what I should do", his interest was aroused, now impatient to go farther.

"You have an impressive background of studies in Feng Shui, three different certificates from 3 well known schools; you quit your job as a designer to be a Feng shui practitioner only, this is good. However, you should know better, Feng Shui is more than a job. It is the right way of life. If you want to help others, start helping yourself. Be right, live properly, project an image of your true self; because you ought to be in control of your life to be able to help others. One of the first steps is to control what you eat, remember the ancient scriptures? You are what you eat!", passion was filing my voice.

"OK, you get a point! So can you explain clearly what I need to do?", replied my friend, anxiously.

"Yes,. Do you remember the four pillars of the sacred temple?

  1. Right spiritual attitude.
  2. Right way of thinking
  3. Right exercises and breathing techniques
  4. Right way of eating.

Let me refresh your memory.

1 - Right spiritual attitude.

Living in harmony with all different levels in nature, means that you know how to move to these different levels of consciousness. As we are speaking, we are in Beta state (if we were connected to an electroencephalogram, our brain activity would be recorded at 14 waves per second). When in deep concentration, we are in Alpha state (or 7 waves per second). It is a state of creativity, intuition, receptivity. You should be in this state to do your Feng Shui survey. If our brain waves slow down even more, we are in Theta state (about 4 waves per second); in this state, we can have visions or receive messages from other planes. You can master these 3 levels by technique and practice.

2 - Right way of thinking

At 18 you have the face that your parents gave you. At 40, you have the face that reflects your way of thinking. If you are not naturally happy and struggle with your everyday life, take a book and every evening, write 3 good things that happened to you that day, feel the joy, give thanks for what you can control in your life. When you feel that you can suppress the filters of your personality and think with an open clear mind, then you can have different points of view at the same time.

3 - Right exercise and breathing techniques

Like a car engine our body is a machine, which rusts when it is not used. You need to exercise a minimum 15 minutes a day of stretching every morning to let energy flow freely in your body and to keep your articulations supple, remaining flexible. You also need 3 hours a week of intense workout to increase your heart beat and your body temperature, thus draining and burning toxins. Breathing techniques are important too. The easiest to learn is the Indian Pranayama techniques, inhaling for 8 seconds and exhaling through the nose 8 seconds. You should never forget that mind and body are interrelated; when you have an action on your body you do so on your mind. Hence, in controlling your breathing, you do control your mind.

4-Right way of eating

Of course, you need to know a bit about nutrition or you will dig your grave with your fork! Do you ever wonder why so many people die of heart disease or cancer? In most cases, they constantly ate the wrong food like the one you just ate. Being healthy is having a highly performing immune-system, which starts at the cellular level. To be simple, first imagine a living cell in your body with a nucleus in its center and a plasma around it covered by a membrane; then imagine a free-radical, meaning another cell with one missing electron. This free- radical, to become complete, will attack your living cell and steel its electron. In doing so, it will damage or kill your living cell hence decreasing the strength of your immune-system. Natural organic fresh food free of pesticides and other free- radical forming substances is what you need to eat. Stay away from processed or fried food, saturated fats, sweeteners or high sugar content in your food or drinks.

Respecting the four pillars of the sacred temple is a good way to keep a high level of energy on all three planes physical, mental and spiritual.

In doing so my friend, you will be a good Feng-Shui practitioner.

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Dr. Guy Ferru Biography

Dr. Ferru

  • Doctor in traditional Chinese Medicine (6 years study in Chinese university including the study of FENG SHUI)
  • Nutritionist
    FENG SHUI practitioner (25 years of experience)
  • Bau Biology practitioner (specialist in detection of electromagnetic fields)
  • Dowser (geodesic stress detection)
  • Author of article on FENG SHUI, bau biology, and yoga therapy, geology, gemology, nutrition, breathing.
  • Author of a book The Right Way of Living ( nutrition, breathing, exercises, environment, body mind connection.)

Telephone (770) 521-2317, Fax (770)521-1437


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